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\moveleft.5\hoffset\centerline{\large\bf Dustin Swan}
\moveleft.5\hoffset\centerline{(312) 608-2957}
\parshape 1 -\sectionwidth \summarylength
Passionate Software Engineer with twelve years of experience architecting,
implementing, and shipping secure, cross-platform applications. Proficient in
functional and object-oriented programming paradigms; delivering clean,
maintainable codebases; utilizing modern, full-stack, web technologies.
\section{LANGUAGES \& APIS}
{\sl Expert in} JavaScript, TypeScript, HTML5, CSS, WebRTC, WebSockets \\
{\sl Would love to work with} Haskell, Purescript, Elm, OCaml, Racket \\
{\sl Past experience with} PHP, Ruby, Python, C, C++, Objective C, Java, Bash
React, Next.js, Electron, Underscore/lodash, RxJS, AngularJS, Grunt, Jest, Jasmine, \\
LESS/Sass/SCSS, Rails, Node.js, Express, Sails.js, Qt, PhoneGap
\begin{vwcol}[widths={0.2,0.8}, sep=.1cm, justify=flush,rule=0pt,indent=1em,lines=4]
{\sl OS \& Tools:} \\
{\sl Databases:} \\
{\sl Version Control:} \\
{\sl Services:} \\
Linux, Mac OS X, Vim, Emacs, Xcode, Eclipse, Microsoft Office \\
MongoDB, MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, ODBC \\
Git (AWS CodeCommit, Github & Bitbucket), Perforce, Subversion \\
AWS (Cognito, API Gateway, Lambda, RDS)
{\sl Software Engineer} \hfill 2009 - Present \\
{\bf IOCOM Integrated Communications, Chicago, IL}
\begin{itemize} \itemsep -1pt
\item Worked closely with backend developers and QA engineers to create a cross-platform, web-based video conferencing application suite.
\item Efficiently designed \& developed the video conferencing single-page JavaScript application and UI
\item Programming \& maintained the iOS PhoneGap application
\item Developed \& maintained the PHP server management web pages
\item Implemented a WebRTC audio \& video web application and JavaScript API
\item Created an in-house JavaScript framework for automated application testing
\item Continually refactored existing codebase for maintainability and
reliability, utilizing modern practices and standards
{\sl Validation Engineer} \hfill 2007 - 2009 \\
{\bf Abbott Laboratories, Abbott Park, IL}
\begin{itemize} \itemsep -1pt
\item Managed projects and assembled cross-functional teams to construct change plans and assess product impact
\item Authored changes to testing documentation and product design records
\item Processed changes to quality system and product documents to comply with medical device regulatory requirements
\item Programmed automated testing control procedures using the Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS)
{\sl Bachelor of Science} \hfill 2007 \\
University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC), Chicago, IL \\
Major: Bioengineering \\
Minors: Computer Science \& Mathematics