Advent of Code 2023
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Dustin Swan ed16c41c9c
Adding some unfinished days
7 months ago
day1 Wow Zig is hard. Day 1 done 8 months ago
day2 Cleaning 8 months ago
day3 memory?? 8 months ago
day4 day4. Getting the hang of it. Much more straight forward than yesterday. I was hoping I could get the arrays set up without an allocator.. I feel like you should be able to. The file is loaded at compile time so technically we should know the size of the arrays. Maybe a future project 8 months ago
day5 Terribly inefficient. But hey, it works! 8 months ago
day6 Day 6. Cheating a bit. Not bothering to try to parse a file with the data, just putting it in variables. And there's an off-by-one error at the end Im just going to ignore 8 months ago
day7 Day 7. Took a bit longer, but nothing too challenging. Running into some Zig stuff, like trying to figure out how to copy an array so I can mutate it.. 8 months ago
day8 Day 8. After doing AoC for a number of years, I pretty much knew what to do here for Part 2 8 months ago
day9 day 9. Why do I feel like I could have doen this a much easier way... 8 months ago
day10 Fixed day10. Well.. got an answer, but it isn't pretty. Hard coded 8 months ago
day11 So much easier than day10. Man this year is crazy 8 months ago
day12 Adding some unfinished days 7 months ago
day13 Day 13. still haven't finished day 12. Today was so easy compared to 7 months ago
day14 Day 14. Took me a looong time to figure out how to use the map right for some reason 7 months ago
day15 Day 15. So random this year. Fricking AIs 7 months ago
day16 4s to run part 2. But still happy with it. 7 months ago
day17 Adding some unfinished days 7 months ago
day18 Adding some unfinished days 7 months ago
.gitignore I hear we aren't supposed to be commiting our data. Oops. 7 months ago Wow Zig is hard. Day 1 done 8 months ago

AoC 2023

Doing it in Zig